Why Join North Texas AOSA?

Music and movement teachers find in the Orff Schulwerk a total approach to fostering creativity and conveying musical knowledge and skills. Using their voices to speak and sing, and their bodies to move and dance, children joyously progress from musical imitation to improvisation and literacy.

Membership in AOSA provides teachers with unique opportunities for creative musical growth through their own active participation in area workshops and national conferences. Just as Orff Schulwerk centers around the development of the total child, so does it invite continual development in the teacher. Musical and pedagogical skills are constantly expanded within an ordered framework of joyful exploration.

By becoming a member of AOSA, you will form associations with other talented arts educators who continue to seek professional renewal and growth in the same atmosphere of playful spontaneity and musical discovery that your students will experience in the Orff Schulwerk classroom.

Through Orff Schulwerk, both teachers and students experience the power and potential of learning through inquiry, innovation, and active participation. They become totally and happily involved in the music making.

Why is Orff Schulwerk so great for kids?

Orff Schulwerk is total, active involvement in music making that incorporates speech, singing, movement, and instrument playing in a creative environment. It develops the whole child with a balance of emotional and intellectual stimulation.

Why should you join the National AOSA?

North Texas AOSA is one of many local chapters of the National American Orff-Schulwerk Association, and becoming a national member offers you even more advantages! Visit the AOSA National Site for more information.

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