January 25, 2020 Lorelei Batislaong

Exploring The Elemental Ukulele 


Ukulele in the General Music Classroom


The ukulele is becoming more common in general music classrooms. Whether you have never picked one up or have already introduced ukuleles in your class, join us in exploring the elemental possibilities with these lovely instruments.


Bring your questions concerning instrument techniques, carriage, and classroom procedures. Experience a possible sequence to building chord vocabulary and discuss lesson planning strategies that include the ukulele without changing everything you already do so well. Break free from a method book approach and let’s consider ways to encourage a balance of student-centered creation and skill building musicianship with the ukulele. Comfortable clothing and recorders (soprano and alto) recommended.

About Our Clinician

Lorelei Batislaong is a 14-year veteran of the elementary music classroom. She served on the AOSA National Board of Trustees as Region III Representative and is the chair of the AOSA Diversity and Inclusion committee.  She is the State Director of the Texas affiliate of NAfME and is the Media and Marketing Course Coordinator for the Trinity Orff Education Course. Along with presenting clinics at the local, state, and national level, Lorelei is completing a Ph.D. in Music and Human Learning at the University of Texas at Austin.  Her research interests include: Teacher noticing and decision-making through gaze behavior, inclusivity in the music classroom and the teaching profession, and generally wondering why everything is the way it is and how could it be better.